It’s Not Pink

I took this photo of a tissue expander during one of my weekly visits to the plastic surgeon’s office. She has a few just  scattered around, rather haphazardly. The gray circle contains a magnet so that the saline goes in the expander, and not my body. I presently have two of these residing in my chest. It feels like two boulders and I occasionally experience pain from the expansion. I’ve been sleeping on my back for months. It’s not a fun process, but it’s all part of the reconstruction journey. Oh, and they also gave me a special card to show airport security in case I feel like traveling on a plane with these demons from hell.

None of these things are pink.

None of these things say “Fight like a girl” on them.

No pink ribbons.

I’m so glad. Something that has caused me pain should not be pink. (Something that has caused me pain and fear of death should not make money for big corporations, either, but that’s another blog coming outta me, folks.)

In the meantime, please visit  www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org




7 thoughts on “It’s Not Pink

  1. kenyattayamel says:

    You are a very recent visitor to my blog so I thought I would check out what you have been doing. I will follow your advice and visit the website.


  2. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch and introducing me to your blog. And thanks too for the website! I’m cynical about a lot of charity fundraising, having worked in the non-profit sector, and really appreciate what you’re saying. Cheers, Su.

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    • Hello!
      Thanks so much for reading and responding. I am just amazed at the “pink washing” as well. I’m cynical, too, probably more so since my diagnosis.
      I’m enjoying your blog very much, and the no awards bit is brilliant.

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      • Thanks so much Kath. I’ve found myself getting increasingly grumpy with the corporatization of charity fund-raising and medical research; and with people who flood social media with idiotic “do this for cancer” posts. I fell out with an old friend over this because I felt that sort of dumbing down is so detrimental to any understanding of real issues. Cheers, Su.

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      • I think people feel helpless. They might see a pink something in the store and buy it, because Auntie is going through breast cancer treatment, and they feel the need to do something. Isn’t it nauseating how corporations play on people’s fear?

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