Say Hello To The New Girls

Say Hello To The New Girls PhotoI am going to pick out new breasts at my plastic surgeon’s today. But first, I need to get something off my chest. <chuckle>

Angelina Jolie can kiss my ass. Really. She had a completely different kind of mastectomy than women who truly have cancer. I remember feeling just a tad deceived when I found out that Angelina Jolie (who did not have cancer) had the nipple and areola sparing type of mastectomy. Don’t get me wrong; she made a brave and very proactive choice. But she got to wake up with new breasts and her own nipples.

Also, getting breast reconstruction after having cancer is NOT akin to getting a boob job. Different situation entirely. Boob jobs are a cosmetic and voluntary thing, whereas a mastectomy is pretty drastic, and frankly, it’s pretty shocking to wake up to a concave chest. There’s nerve endings you don’t even know are there, let me say. Some women suffer with phantom pain all their lives. That’s why it’s a law now that a breast cancer survivor be restored to a “normal silhouette”.

Face it, folks, it’s a really personal thing, our nipples. They are temperature gauges (surf’s up!), they feed our babies, and well, they’re kind of nice to have when you’re, ahem, “dancing in the sheets”.

I remember on the day of my mastectomy, my surgeon said to me, “Did you say good-bye to the girls?” I replied that I did. Oh, but I miss them so! I had no idea that I’d ever miss those saggy ‘ol things, but I do. They fed three children and they did their job splendidly – I have lovely memories of that.

They were irreplaceable.




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